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Record number: WCP3656

Sent by:
William Greenell [ARW's son] Wallace
Sent to:
John Scott Keltie
6 May 1915

Sent by William Greenell [ARW's son] Wallace, Tulgey Wood, Broadstone, Dorset to John Scott Keltie Royal Geographical Society, Lowther Lodge, 1 Kensington Gore, London on 6 May 1915.

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09 January 2012 by Catchpole, Caroline


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LETTER (WCP3656.3559)

A typical letter typewritten  in English and signed by author.

Held by:
Royal Geographical Society
Finding number:
RGS Corr. Block CB8 1911-1920 W.G. Wallace
Copyright owner:
©Wallace Family

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Tulgey Wood,



May 6th. 1915.

Dr. J. Scott Keltie2, F.R.G.S., F.S.S. &c.

Secretary R[oyal]. Geographical Society.

Dear Sir,

I am collecting material for a volume of "Letters & Reminiscences" of my father, Dr. Alfred R. Wallace3, which will be written by the Rev[erend]. Mr James Marchant4.

Would you be so kind as to tell me, if you are able, what position my father's geographical work in the Amazon Valley and also in the Eastern Archipelago, now holds and whether his map of the Rio Negro is still considered correct.

I should also like to know whether all the places explored by him have been visited by later scientific explorers.

To most people my father's practical work as a naturalist and explorer is very little known, and I wish, if possible, to include some data which will show this field of his activities in its true light.

Any information or suggestions wich which you can give me will be very acceptable and I shall be very grateful for any assistance you are able to render.

Amongst my father's papers I have found what I believe to be the original tracing of the Rio Negro Map, on a sheet about 51 X 25 inches. Would this be of any interest or value to the Royal Geographical Society? If so, my sister & I would be most happy to present it.

Pray forgive me for troubling you with these questions. If you should be unable to deal with the matter, could you refer me to some one who would perhaps take an interest in it and be able to help me?

I am, dear Sir, | Yours faithfully, | W. G. Wallace5 [signature]

P.S. If you have any letters written by my father dealing with matters of interest, I should be purely[?] obliged if you would allow me to copy them. W.G.W. [signature]


1. In the top left of page one of the manuscript, the text reads "Ack[knowledged]. May 10. [19]15", and below that "May 25. [19]15". Additionally, in the top left of page one of the manuscript, the text reads in vertical succession and in an unknown hand "Sykes", "[1 word illeg.]", "V. 23", "pp. 176.331."

2. Keltie, John Scott (1840-1927). Scottish geographer.

3. Wallace, Alfred Russel (1823-1913). British naturalist and co-discoverer of natural selection with Charles Darwin.

4. Marchant, Sir James (1867-1956). Scottish philanthropist and author of Alfred Russel Wallace Letters and Reminiscences, published in 1916.

5. Wallace, William Greenell (1871-1951). Youngest of 3 children of Alfred Russel Wallace.

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