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Record number: WCP3647

Sent by:
John Wodehouse
Sent to:
Henry Norton Shaw
14 February 1854

Sent by John Wodehouse, Foreign Office to Henry Norton Shaw, [Royal Geographical Society, 3 Waterloo Place] on 14 February 1854.

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09 January 2012 by Catchpole, Caroline
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LETTER (WCP3647.3550)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
Royal Geographical Society
Finding number:
RGS Corr. Block CB4 1851-60 FOREIGN OFFICE
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the John Wodehouse Literary Estate.
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22/08/2012 - Catchpole, Caroline;

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Foreign Office.

February 14 1854


With reference to my letter of the 9th. Instant informing you that the destination of Her Majestys Ship "Frolic" had been changed, and that therefore a passage to Australia could not be afforded to Mr. Wallace in that Vessel, I am now directed by the Earl of Clarendon to acquaint you that he has been informed that Mr. Wallace has been offered a passage by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty in1 [[2]] in[sic] Her Majestys Ship "Juno" which will ultimately proceed to Australia, but as her course may be very lengthened and circuitous & Mr. Wallaces arrival in Australia consequently much delayed, I am to state to you that Lord Clarendon is of opinion that it would probably better suit Mr. Wallaces views to proceed to Australia in the Mail Packet, in which case I am directed by His Lordship to inform [[3]] inform[sic] you that the expence[sic] of his passage to that place will be defrayed by Her Majestys Government.

I am, | Sir, | Your most obedient | humble Servant | Wodehouse [signature]


Foreign Office

Rec[eive]d. Feb 142

Ans[were]d and ___ 16.3


1. The following is written in the bottom left hand corner of page 1 "The Secretary to The Royal Geographical Society. &c &c &c"

2. Text in unknown hand reads "1854, Feb.14"

3. Text in unknown hand written diagonally upwards reads "ref. A.R. Wallace"

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