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Record number: WCP3555

Sent by:
Alfred Russel Wallace
Sent to:
Henry Norton Shaw

Sent by Alfred Russel Wallace, HMS Frolic, Spithead, Portsmouth to Henry Norton Shaw, [Royal Geographical Society, 3 Waterloo Place] on  [1854].

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07 December 2011 by Catchpole, Caroline
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LETTER (WCP3555.3452)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

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Royal Geographical Society
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ŠA. R. Wallace Literary Estate
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H.M.S. Frolic Spithead

Friday morning.

Dear Sir

We are here still at anchor. I received your packet yesterday; please thank Mr Kent for me. Day before Yesterday Stop "Annul Sailing" was telegraphed from the Admiralty -- So we wait further orders -- The Captain knows nothing about it & is anxious to know whether he is only delayed for a time or countermanded altogether.

You probably saw the paragraph [[2]] in the "Morning Herald" of 2 days back about the "Frolic" -- If you can learn any [thing] about the Admiraltys intentions we shall be glad to hear from you.

Capt[ain]. Nolloth & the officers are all very pleasant & I anticipate an agreeable voyage so should not now like to be turned off --

When you see Admiral Beaufort please offer my excuses for not having called upon him again as he desired -- You know how I was hurried [[3]] a line from you in return with any thing you know about us will be very acceptable -- The admiral here inspected the crew yesterday,-- no doubt by the orders of the Admiralty --

The wind has been dead up the Channel & blowing hard now it is more favourable.

In haste | Yours very faithfully | Alfred R Wallace [signature]

Dr. Norton Shaw.



A Wallace

Rec[eive]d --

Ans[wered] Feb 7

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