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Record number: WCP3313

Sent by:
W. Wilton
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace
10 July 1912

Sent by W. Wilton, 149 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, Australia to Alfred Russel Wallace, [Old Orchard, Broadstone, Wimborne, Dorset] on 10 July 1912.

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30 November 2011 by Mayer, Anna


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LETTER (WCP3313.3281)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
British Library, The
Finding number:
BL Add. 46442 ff. 164-165
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the W. Wilton Literary Estate.

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149 Elizabeth Street,



10 July /[19]12.

Dr. A.R. Wallace,


My dear Sir,

Your urbanity will, I am sure, absolve the presumptuousness of my intrusion.

My object in writing is to call attention to an article which I am informed will appear in the "XIXth. Century" in August. It is by my old friend Mr. William Bugby,3 a schoolteacher in Tasmania, who is a staunch Anti-Vaccinist [sic], Anti-Vivisectionist, and, I believe, a bit of a Spiritualist.

He is writing on the subject of "Lost Atlantis", and the (alleged) discoveries [[2]] by the late Dr. and Mdme. Le Plongeon4,5 in Yucatan. You can scarcely fail to be interested in the article, and the subsequent discussion that is sure to arise.

With great respect | Yours very faithfully | W. Wilton. [signature]


1. A query in respect of the correspondence is written, obliquely, in the top left-hand corner of the page.

2. There is a catalogue/reference number inscribed in the top right-hand corner of the page. It reads, "164".

3. Bugby, William (c.1852-1928). Australian teacher and polemicist.

4. Le Plongeon, Augustus (1825-1908). British-American photographer, antiquarian and amateur archaeologist. Husband of Alice Dixon Le Plongeon.

5. Le Plongeon, Alice Dixon (1851-1910). English photographer, amateur archaeologist and author.

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