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Record number: WCP3284

Sent by:
unknown correspondent
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace

Sent by unknown correspondent, [none given] to Alfred Russel Wallace, [The Dell, Grays, Essex] on  1874.

Record created:
12 January 2012 by Beccaloni, George


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LETTER (WCP3284.3599)

A typical letter handwritten by author in Malay in Jawi script.

A letter written in Malay in Jawi script from the man who piloted ARW up the Wanumgbai Creek on the Aru Islands.

Held by:
British Library, The
Finding number:
BL Add. 46442 f. 93
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the unknown correspondent Literary Estate.

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1. bahwa alamat ini surat dari ingatan

2. dahulu kala daripada orang xxx Melayu

3. nenek moyang dapat tana Aru sampai tana Wasir

4. kompani Inggeris dapat

5. sama kita orang Melayu xxx Wallace

6. jadi tuan kompani Inggeris

7. kasi ka ruma sama nenek [se]mua xxx dia

8. punya anak cucu [se]mua xxx anak

9. cucu [se]mua xxx [symbol] wa kabungwalai

10. imama ajar marid adanya.


This is a record based on memories of the past, from the Malays whose forefathers have possessed the land of Aru up to the land of Wasir. The English came here to meet us Malays. Wallace, who was the English chief, established a bond of friendship with all the elders of the house and their children and grandchildren, their children and grandchildren. Kampong Walai; the imam who teaches students, the end.


1. The original letter was written in Malay in Jawi script. This transliteration and translation into English of the letter has been completed by Dr. Gallop, Head Curator for Indonesian and Malay at The British Library. Dr. Gallop notes it was written by someone who was barely literate and therefore is hard to decipher and interpret.

Please note that work on this transcript is not yet complete. Users are advised to study electronic image(s) of this document, if available.