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Record number: WCP3158

Sent by:
Edvard Alexander Westermarck
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace
30 April 1895

Sent by Edvard Alexander Westermarck, Annegatan 19, Helsingfors, Finland to Alfred Russel Wallace [none given] on 30 April 1895.

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30 November 2011 by Mayer, Anna


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LETTER (WCP3158.3126)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
British Library, The
Finding number:
BL Add. 46441 ff. 146-147
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the Edvard Alexander Westermarck Literary Estate.

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Annegatan 19


30. April 1895

Dear Mr. Wallace.

Some days ago I took the liberty of sending to you a book on Finland, which has recently been published in several languages. I thought it perhaps might interest you, as Finland is almost terra incognito to the rest of the world, and I hope you will kindly accept it. [[2]]

The first chapter, on the country, you will find very poor, being written by an old man whose knowledge most certainly is not up to date.

I have been very busy all the year, having to do all the duties of the professor of Philosophy, who is at present the Rector of our University and as such free from all professorial business. But in [[3]]2 December I hope to be back in England again to continue my investigations on the origin and growth of moral ideas.

My book on Marriage3 has just appeared in a French translation by M. de Varigny and I have over and over again felt the immense gratitude I am owing to you for its success.

I remain | Dear Mr. Wallace, | very faithfully yours | Edvard Westermarck4 [signature]


1. There is a catalogue/reference number inscribed in the top right-hand corner of the page. It reads "146".

2. There is a catalogue/reference number inscribed in the top right-hand corner of the page. It reads "147".

3. Westermarck, Edvard. (1891). The History of Human Marriage. Macmillan & Co.. London and New York. (Wallace wrote the Introduction for this edition.)

4. Westermarck, Edvard Alexander (1862-1939). Finnish philosopher and sociologist.

first page is typewritten.

4. William Greenell Wallace has hand-written a list of items on the reverse side of the British Museum's letter.

ar A Wallace,

Is this the John Roberts or another? I think you said he was a young man & I am afraid that this may turn out to be some collateral. But it is evidently the only John Roberts in the Epsom registers between 1837 & 1847.

Yours truly,

S C Cockerell1

I am sending 7/7 to Mr. Andrews, [illeg] I paid [illeg] the other day at Somerset House, making 9/7 to the total I sent you.


1. Cockerell, Sydney Carlyle: (1867 –1962) was an English museum curator and collector.


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