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Record number: WCP2702

Sent by:
Robert Peel Glanville Blatchford
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace
17 July 1894

Sent by Robert Peel Glanville Blatchford, 37 Savile Park, Halifax, York to Alfred Russel Wallace [none given] on 17 July 1894.

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30 November 2011 by Mayer, Anna


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LETTER (WCP2702.2592)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
British Library, The
Finding number:
BL Add. 46440 f. 174
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the Robert Peel Glanville Blatchford Literary Estate.

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37 Savile Park



17 July [18]94

Dear Dr. Wallace

Thank you very much for your kind letter, and also for your generous notice if "Merrie[sic] England" in "Vox Clamantium."

Re our censure of the Government. I claim that the Government do not wish to go forward. If they did they could do it. Must do to prevent them from carrying Adult Suffrage, payment of members, universal eight-hours day, Second Ballot, old-age pensions and a dozen other ails[?] in one session? Let them get their bills out, show that they are in earnest and appeal and appeal to the people and the thing would be done. The Liberal Party us thrice damned. It is a monstrous ham. Men as they ever utter a single word [[2]] of sympathy for the people? When Hardie stands up -- alone -- to speak for the workers the Liberals either sneak out of the House or hush him. Never yet from the Liberal benches have we heard one note of passion, of love, of pity, or indignation when the people have suffered, or been robbed, or reviled, or shut down by the soldiers. When Hardie attacked the Royal Family three men went mad with rage. Do they ever get angry or excited for the sake of the people? It is easy to see what they love. They are hypocrites and toadies-- they must go.

Certainly, you are right about the workers. They are not united. It is hard work getting them united. But it has got to be done. Or, at any rate, it has got to be tried for. But I get weary at times of pulling and pushing these thick-headed, small-minded, vain and faint hearted people. Why doesn't God make some more men!

Yours truly | R Blatchford[signature]


1. 174 is written in the upper right hand corner.

2. Blatchford, Robert Peel Glanville (1851-1943). British socialist campaigner, journalist and author.

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