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Record number: WCP2681

Sent by:
Thomas Brassey
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace
30 August 1892

Sent by Thomas Brassey, Dalnacardoch Lodge, Calvine, Perthshire, N.B. to Alfred Russel Wallace [none given] on 30 August 1892.

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30 November 2011 by Mayer, Anna


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LETTER (WCP2681.2571)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
British Library, The
Finding number:
BL Add. 46440 ff. 131-132
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the Thomas Brassey Literary Estate.

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Dalnacardoch Lodge


Perthshire, N(ear). B(runswick).

30 Aug[ust]: (18)92

Dear Mr Wallace

I am much interested in your letter, and concur with you in your view as to the advantages of small holdings and peasant proprietorship.

Do you know anything of the experimental work in [[2]] this direction, which has been carried out at Rosen[?illeg]. I am asked to a conference which will take place next month.

I should be happy to talk all these matters over fully, when you are in London. I shall be there the greater part [[3]] of September, and and early in October. Let me know, whenever you may be coming to town, that I may propose an appointment.

It is possible that I might find a farm in Sussex, on which a settlement on your lines may be made.

Yours sincerely | Brassey2 [signature]


1. Printed in the top left of the page is "Telegrams | Calvine, 7 miles,| Station Struan.".

2. Brassey Thomas, Sir. (1836-1918). Civil Lord of the Admiralty.

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