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Record number: WCP2489

Sent by:
C. Arym
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace
7 January 1911

Sent by C. Arym, 25 W Kinzie Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA to Alfred Russel Wallace London on 7 January 1911.

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30 November 2011 by Mayer, Anna


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LETTER (WCP2489.2379)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

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British Library, The
Finding number:
BL Add. 46438 ff. 175-177
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the C. Arym Literary Estate.

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[[1]]1, 2

Chicago, Ill[inois].

25 W. Kinzie St.

Jan[uary] 7th 1911.

Dr Alfred Russell[sic] Wallace

Famous Scientist



Dear Sir and Master,

Our childish N.S. Newspapers only occasionally print things of real interest. You, one of the heroes of the dawn of Anthropology of 1858 to 1866, of the trio Wallace-Darwin-Haeckel, still alive! Glory! In Europe your work has pushed Pantheism far ahead, it has made Japan!

Here in the enormous flood of priest-ridden idolatrous steerage mob, the "professors! are shallow cowardly, influenceless ninnies, the masses ignorant beyond belief, far below Japan average, only interested in small personal politics, base-ball, bowling, football, prize-fighting, Romanism and idolatry. We few intellectuals -- in Chi[cago]. not above 100 in .5 mill[ion] disappear. Hence let our Souls co-vibrate, even if unknown in body!

[[2]]3 You & Darwin & Haeckel pushed the Body problems of Man 200 years ahead, just as Copernicus' idea did not bear full fruit till Newton, 200 or even Laplace, Leverrier, Gauss 400 years later.

But the studies of Haeckel (Heitzman also) gave one other grand discovery to me. I think I was the first to clearly announce the principle:

All the thousands of Varieties of Cells, Organs, glands, Eyes, ganglia &c. of the bodies of plants[,] animals and men are

1.) Synchronized, joined hermaphrodites of the same original species, -- examples right & left half of body, started in precarbonic age, ascidia, lauceolis.

2.) Synchronized, utilized parasites, like phosphate corals in shape of teeth[,] bones from Devonian or Silurian age; like liver, like intestinal glands.

3.) Synchronized; utilized inhabitants, residents of other parts of body, not originally parasites, like hair glands, hair sweat glands &c.

4.) All adaptations, synchronizations began in microscopic sizes, just as origin of all life-forces is even ultramicroscopic.

[[3]]4, 5, 6 Survival of the Fittest operated on every cell, organ, parasite down to present time.

6.) Synchronizing is especially important in regulating the embryonal history of teeth e.g. in exact accordance with all other human organs from egg to Milk Tooth, to permanent teeth around 12 years of age &c.; this was essentially brought about by the central nerves, their harmonizing comfortor pains. (Heitzman reticulous[?] shows its possibility!)

The discovery of Radium, measurement of Electrons, Jons, Alomo allows us to follow the Units of Body and Soul much deeper. Body and Soul, both are an independent life. Both are due to rare (Radium-like) elements, whose rays or electrons are the specific forces of Body and Soul. If Iron was the chief element of our soul, magnetism would appear to us as thinking, willing, consciousness, similar with Psychium (Soul Element) Somium (Body Element). Both are combined with Albumen[?] and Each other. The Libella without stomach, liver, intestines represents the maximum of Somium with minimum of Albumen. It lives only for "Love", Propagation. The Saurians had a minimum of Ps. and so with a max. of Albumen. [[4]]7 As for maximum of Psychium I consider man very high, but pro ratio: sparrows, certain insects higher. The ideal might appear to Intellectuals a maximum of Ps. with just enough So. to allow it to operate and a minimum of Albumen. See how closely this scientific logic comes to old ideas of "dematerialized bodies", "materialized souls"! to Buddhist "perfection". (!!)

Somium is with no still dominant till old age when Psychium becomes the real leader.

My idea for cumulation growth is:8

I The Pantheos of All9

II Pantheos of Infinitely Small10

III Sparks of "Panthearof[?]"11

IV Units of Fancies, Choices, Plans, Ideals? formed by Sparks of Pantheos.

V Units of Laws of Nature, Justice, Mathematics, Contrasts other sparks of P.?

VI Points of material (mathem[atical]. Points of Energy12

VI[sic] Electrons of all elements??? (Ionectrons)13, 14

VII Ions of Elements15, 16, 17

[[5]]18, 19, 20, 21, 22 The atoms form molecules, continue (H2O, CO2, Albumen) but all issue ionectrons, ions (notice smell of brass!)[.] Every living body cell is vitalized by an atom or molecule of Somium, abese[?] rays, activities are seen in form of contractility (influence of Ps currents), assimilation, growths, reproduction, heredity; this life is almost independent of Ps. or Brain nerves. The So. predomination all smooth muscles, all "sympathetic" nerve organs. The Ps. adds to the vitality of So. that of its specific variations (thought, logic, consciousness, sensing &c.) it predominates young[?] in all Brain organs even Epiblast Organs, most parasitical glands, organs (teeth).

Every cell has an atom of Ps.; the nerves are the channels for its Ions, Ionectrons, as are copper wires for current electrons, every ganglien & molecule.

The central Ego is a large Ps. molecule (Soul) combined with a dominated So. molecule (Instinct) both in possession of a movable travelable Amoeba like being(albumen). In day time this sits in Corpura quadrigemina. At night it travels. Its dreams are mostly happening in bowels at the spot where food becomes faeces. I have 3 most remarkable proof of this when I saw in my dream the detail of faeces which I absolutely [[6]]23 verified point by point next morning -- 4 hours later! -- by my bodily eyes: I find: warm water means normaly[sic] digested food, trains trucks, boats, mean inspissated faeces; houses mean muscles of bowels; bulls, wild animals mean button-like masses from Laustra of colon; the mountains are folds in the intestines&c.. There are schools for young Egos there, special food for "me", my Ego.

My living Ego is an amoeba.

If I die & aheu, the Ps. mol[ecule]. in this amoeba now becoming my "Soul", a gaseous molecule, will call all its atoms scattered over body together and as a free molecule float out. If it finds a "living" train of thought in a friend near or far, it travels along it just as Ions of Iron travel along magnetic lines, electrons along wireless waves, enters the friend, and begins its pengenesis[sic], till in about 500 years it appears again as a complete Ego in a baby. Au revoir in 2360 A.D. The Somium to my idea, stays with body and arises with the maggots &c. becoming beetles and flies in course of time. A true Rebirth! Enclosed clipping may interest. Am one of best Chemists (Court Expert) Physicists, Mathematicians living. I can explain almost all brain phenomena up to my intellect by above theories.

With deep Esteem | Dr. C. Arym [signature]


1. Acknow[ledge]d is written in the upper left hand corner. To the right of this comment, "very unintelligible!" is written.

2. 175 is written in the upper right hand corner.

3. 2 is written in the upper right hand corner.

4. Jan[uary] 7 1911. is written in the upper left hand corner.

5. C Arym is written at the top of the page.

6. 3 176 is written in the upper right hand corner.

7. 4 is written in the upper right hand corner.

8. Written to the right of this point is "size, math Symbol "

9. Written to the right of this point is the equation " I (each Eago[?])"

10. Written to the right of this point is the equation " ( "

11. Written to the right of this point is the equation " " followed by "Every preceding rules and build up following Units, but not in reverse!"

12. Written to the right of this point is the equation " "

13. Written to the right of this point is the equation " 12"

14. To the left of this point, between a line and three downward pointing arrows is written "From here proven".

15. Written to the right of this point is the equation " 10"

16. Arrows beginning from IV, V and VII point to the lower left hand corner, where "Atoms of Psychium(Ps) 8" is written.

17. Arrows beginning from IV, V and VII point to the lower right hand corner, where "Atoms of Somium(So) 4" is written.

18. Jan[uary] 7 1911. is written in the upper left hand corner.

19. C Arym is written at the top of the page.

20. 5 is written at the top of the page.

21. 177 is written in the upper right hand corner.

22. In the lower left hand corner is a stamp depicting a crown above the letters B.M.

23. 6 is written at the top of the page.

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