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Record number: WCP24

Sent by:
Alfred Russel Wallace
Sent to:
William Greenell [ARW's son] Wallace
6 June 1900

Sent by Alfred Russel Wallace, Corfe View, Parkstone, Dorset to William Greenell [ARW's son] Wallace [none given] on 6 June 1900.

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Discusses William viewing six or seven houses for sale near Tunbridge Wells and elsewhere, with details of locations and names of properties, comments on desirability, likely views, gardens, water supply and adjoining land; enclosing orders to view (not present) and a list of essential requirements (not present); report to be sent promptly so that Ma (William's mother Annie Wallace) may view any suitable.

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Parkstone, Dorset

June 6th, 1900

My dear Will

I send you here with orders to view 6 or 7 places some of which seem very promising.

No. 1, near Buxted is about 18 miles from Hurst going due north to Cuckfield there through Haywards Hearth, Newick, and Maresfield.

No. 2 -- is on road thence to Crowborough and seems to be a little south of Sweethaws Farm, which you will find on the Map.

No. 3 -- Seems most attractive of all in situation being high, north of Sweethaws Farm -- the name "Strong-head" indicates a spring & strength, -- & "SouthView" that there is a view. Much would be given up to these.

No. 4 is only one acre, but otherwise seems very likely if all others fail. [[2]] If you can see these 4 on Friday & sleep at Tunbridge Wells, you had better call on Mr. E. J. Carter in the morning and find out what is the price of No. 5. & see a Map of it if they have one, as if the house has not a view to the South it will not be worthwhile going to see it. I see there is on the ordnance map a "Luckhurst Crouch" near 1 ½ miles from Mayfield Station, & it seems hardly likely that there can be the same curious name 1 ½ miles from Wadhurst Station, so just ask them whether they are sure that is right.

Also call on Mr. Dilnot Stokes, & find out whether the new house is built on an old site with Garden & Orchard etc. If not it will not be worth going to see.

If none of these are at all suitable then you can go & see No. 6 near Forest Row, both of you had rather go on [[3]] to London early it does not matter as it will be an outing for Violet to see that.

If you see any house that seems at all suitable, ask whether there is a tenant & when he will give it up, etc. Also give plan of house, & description of garden orchard & outbuildings. Look at No. 1 carefully in case others fail.

No. 3 seems to me the most likely of all. It has most land, it must be very high, on the south side of the hill and near Crowborough Common. So look carefully at the house, & if it has no view see if it could be extended to have one. Or if the materials of the buildings would enable a house to built in a better position. See the "Spring" if it exists ascertain if it even fails etc. [[4]] Supposing others are bad, & No. 4. the best, then enquire if there is any adjoining land that can be had cheap -- Anyhow, if nothing else is suitable it might do.

I send on separate paper a note of Essential requirements in order of importance. As soon as you have seen them send a report & return me all the particulars, so that I & Ma can go and see any that may do. If these all fail I shall almost despair.

There is one more order I have written for. If it comes I will send it to you at the Turnbridge Wells P.Office so please call there before you leave.

Your affectionate Pa | Alfred R. Wallace -- [signature]

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