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Record number: WCP1684

Sent by:
Samuel Stevens
Sent to:
Cajetan von Felder
4 February 1860

Sent by Samuel Stevens, 24 Bloomsbury Street, London, W. to Cajetan von Felder Advocat Kohlmarkt No.1119, Vienna, Austria on 4 February 1860.

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02 September 2011 by Beccaloni, George


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LETTER (WCP1684.1561)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
Natural History Museum
Finding number:
NHM 422989-1007
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the Samuel Stevens Literary Estate.

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24 Bloomsbury Street London W.C.

Feb[ruar]y 4th. 1860

Dear Sir

You no doubt must think me very neglectful in not before replying to your Letter of 15th Oct[obe]r but I regret to say that in consequence of the death of my poor Brother last September I have now got an extra amount of work to do which prevents me from attending so fully to any correspondents as I could wish.--

If however you wish it I will at my leisure look at some of the rarer butterflies & moths received from Mr. Wallace & forward to you, my recent arrivals from that gentleman are from Dorey New Guinea & Batchian Moluccas from this latter locality I received the new & Beautiful Ornithoptera croesus1 which I am now selling fine & perfect at £5 & £6 the pair, also the beautiful new Papilio Telemachus more beautiful than Ulysses2 at £5 the pair others new & fine at from 5/ to 30/ each-- Mr Wallace has not yet found the beautiful Orn[ithoptera] DUrvillianus[?] but he hopes to do so, Mr W[allace] sends very few moths as he has not much time to attend to them.

From other countries I have some collected by Mr Bates3 on the Amazon others from Bogoto &c-- from Sylhit[?] in India, a few from S. Africa &c. &c.--

I have not heard for near 2 years from Dr [one word illegible], when he last wrote he sayid he would be returning to Europe in 9 months he was going he was going to send some Collections but they never arrived.

Believe me | Dear Sir | Yours Faithfully | Samuel Stevens [signature]

Dr. C. Felder

Advocat Kohlmarkt No.1119



Dr. C. Felder

Advocat of the Imp.[erial] Court,

Kohlmarkt No. 1119

à Vienna.


1. More commonly known as Wallaces Golden Birdwing butterfly, found in northern Maluku Indonesia

2. Papilio Ulysses, also known as the Blue Mountain Butterfly

3. Henry Walter Bates (1825 - 1892), English naturalist and explorer.

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