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Record number: WCP1683

Sent by:
Samuel Stevens
Sent to:
? Cajetan von Felder
16 December 1861

Sent by Samuel Stevens, 24 Bloomsbury Street, London, W. to ?Cajetan von Felder [none given] on 16 December 1861.

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02 September 2011 by Beccaloni, George


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LETTER (WCP1683.1560)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
Natural History Museum
Finding number:
NHM 422988-1007
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the Samuel Stevens Literary Estate.

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24 Bloomsbury Street London W.

Dec[ember] 16, 1861

My dear sir,

I want to acknowledge your letter of Dec[embe]r. 3rd. in which you inform me the insects selected come to £37.19.7 & that you had sent back [a] case of Mr. Bates such species which had not been taken

I wrote to W. Alx[?] Macnaughton at Edinburgh soon after I had received your previous Letter, he wrote back and stated that as soon as he had got the money from his [[2]] client he would hand over to me the £32 he has not yet however done so, perhaps I had better [1 word illeg.] write & remind him again--

I expect Mr Wallace in England in april next, in his last letter he asked me to ask you if you could send him 2 male spec[ie]s. first of the true Priamus from Amboyna in exchange for a fine male Crasus[sic], altho[ugh] he took several Priamus, he did not get a good male, & he says he thinks you re[ceive]d a large number from the late [[3]] Dr. Doleshall--

I am now sorting a large Coll[ectio]n of Mr Wallace Butt[erflie]s from Waigim[?], Mysol, & N. Ceram, some of them might suit you, I have got Cocytea d' Unvillic fine for sale @ 20/ each should you or your friends require it--

Shall be very glad to see you next spring in England

I am | dear Sir | yours faithfully | Samuel Stevens [signature]

Dr. Felder

Dr. [1 word illeg.] I believe has returned to Lisbon

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