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Record number: WCP1681

Sent by:
Samuel Stevens
Sent to:
Cajetan von Felder
2 August 1860

Sent by Samuel Stevens, 24 Bloomsbury Street, London, W. to Cajetan von Felder [none given] on 2 August 1860.

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02 September 2011 by Beccaloni, George


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LETTER (WCP1681.1558)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
Natural History Museum
Finding number:
NHM 422986-1007
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the Samuel Stevens Literary Estate.

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24 Bloomsbury Street London W.

Aug[ust] 2nd 1860

My dear Sir

Your esteemed letter of 28th July is only to hand & I have as you requested drawn on you at light for 840 florins & in a day or two. I have no doubt you have will have the Bill presented.

I have just received another sending of Butterflies from Mr. Wallace from Menado[sic] & as soon as they are ready for [[2]] Sale will make you [1 word illeg.] a sending from them & from Moreton bay & other parts of Australia of Butterflies & moths & others[?.] & will at the same time send the Orthoptera for your friend.

Mrs. Degrilee[?] of Paris is at present with me & expect he will be engaged a few days longer looking over my insects for sale of which I have a large number particularly Coleoptera.

I am | dear Sir | yours faithfully & obl[ige]d | Samuel Stevens [signature]

Dr. C. Felder

[[3]] I am afraid I have only a very imperfect ♂of Callithea Batesii a Markii & never now expect to see this again as Mr. Bates does not return to Brazils[sic], he is now settled in Busenip[?] with his Brothers. I have a [1 word illeg.]imperfect but no female at all which is exceedingly rare I never saw but one ♀.

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