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Record number: WCP1656

Sent by:
Herbert Edward ("Edward") Wallace
Sent to:
Richard Spruce
29 December 1850

Sent by Herbert Edward ("Edward") Wallace, Serpa, Brazil to Richard Spruce [none given] on 29 December 1850.

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Letter from Edward Wallace (Herbert Edward) to Richard Spruce, from Serpa, 29 Dec 1850, re. waiting for a passage to England; clothes left at Barra to be forwarded; speculation on Spruce's plans, regards to Mr King.

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LETTER (WCP1656.1528)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

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Monday Dec[em]ber 29. 1850

Dear Sir,

I have just returned from a months excursion among the lakes, and by-ways of the mighty Amazon, and whilst repairing my weary limbs amid the luxurious folds of a rede1, drinking a fragrant cup of the sober beverage, and meditating (but cheerfully) upon the miseries of Human Nature, I received notice of your arrival in the Barra.--

So you have at last gained that "Lodge" so long pictured in the vista of imagination! You are at last in that Promised Land:- a land flowing with Caxáca and Farinha! -- a land where a man may litterally [sic] and safely sleep [[2]] without breeches, a luxury which must be enjoyed to be appreciated.

I am now waiting for a passage to Pará, from thence to return to England, there is a vessel caulking here, I expect will go in two or three weeks; I have a small collection of birds and butterflies, new specimens of the latter are very scarce; I left in Barra with Henrique a small flat clothes box containing shirts &c, have the kindness to tell Henrique to forward as soon as is possible to me, at the house of Manuel Joaquin, Serpa.

The Christmas Festa is now over and, this little village has resumed its wonted tranquillity. -- I suppose you intend soon to proceed up the Negro; no doubt my brother now is glorying in Ornithological [[3]] rarities, and revelling amid the sweets of Lepidopterous loveliness But enough! -- a little while, and the winter sea is roaring around my pillow; then shall I envy you in your snug rede, far from the restless billow, - then whilst vainly endeavouring to swallow preserved salmon or other ship luxury, I shall long for my Amazonian appetite and roasted Periniue[?] -- then! -- -- but I will not anticipate, hours[?] which are inevitable.--- I hope yourself and Mr King are in good health, in this respect I have had no cause to complain; wishing both a prosperous and pleasant time

I must now remain Ι Yours sincerely Ι Edward Wallace [signature]


1. A rede is a sort of Brazilian hammock.

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