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Record number: WCP1640

Sent by:
Mary Ann Wallace (née Greenell)
Sent to:
Frances ("Fanny") Sims (née Wallace)
4 April 

Sent by Mary Ann Wallace (née Greenell), [address not recorded] to Frances ("Fanny") Sims (née Wallace) [address not recorded] on 4 April .

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23 May 2011 by NHM


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LETTER (WCP1640.1419)

A typical letter  .

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Natural History Museum
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NHM WP1/3/109
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Apr[il] 4th Mon[day]

dear Fanny1[,]

I wrote a letter to Thomas2 on Wednesday that Snowy day -- as we could not get out. I gave it to a Poliseman[sic] passing by, whom I hailed -- and asked him to put that letter with the post (or give it [to] Miss Phillips) (He was going to the Statn[?])[.]

The subject of it was to ask Thomas whether it was worthwhile to buy up the back n[umb]ers of the "Family Herald"3 from 1850 to 1857 -- at a farthing a number. Some of the years are imperfect but I could I sh[oul]d[?] suppose [[2]] easily get them the odd weeks that are wanting at the Publishers -- It is in consequence of Alfred's setting such a value on this publications that induces me to purchase these backnumbers -- after a time I will get the last two years '[18]58 and [18]59 -- then take them regularly -- So that if he sh[oul]d ever come Home there will be a nice series of them. I sh[oul]d have them cheaply bound up -- in small volumes -- so that when a Box went he might have one or two[?] sent out to him -- have[?] not had any reply to other questions I [[3]] asked[.] I fear[?] the Policeman never delivered it to Miss Phillips as she does not remember having rec[eive]d such a letter, but possibly he dropped it in the Letter Box[.] If so all's right -- I have been expecting to see "Finey"[?] -- not that I want him till he is quite well -- I know you are very busy -- and [I] do not wish to take up your time [--] only just write one line to tell me whether Thomas received my letter & what he thinks best to do -- to take these & back years from [18]50 -- to [18]57 or not -- the cost is but little and I have kept them now nearly a week to sort them over which took me half a day[.]

[[4]] with love to both | believe me | I am affectionately yours | M A Wallace4 [signature]

I have had a nice letter from Mr Wilson5 of Adelaide all well. Algernon6 not yet moored -- but near upon to[?][.] I have sent it to Miss Draper[?] with a request to have it returned as soon as read -- What lovely weather we have now again[.]


1. Sims, Frances ("Fanny") (née Wallace) (1812-1893). Sister of Alfred Russel Wallace and wife of Thomas Sims.

2. Sims, Thomas (1826-1910). Brother-in-law to Alfred Russel Wallace and husband of Frances ("Fanny") Sims (née Wallace).

3. The Family Herald: A Domestic Magazine of Useful Information & Amusement. British weekly story paper published from 1843 to 1940.

4. Wallace, Mary Ann (née Greenell) (1792-1868). Mother of Alfred Russel Wallace and wife of Thomas Vere Wallace.

5. Wilson, Thomas (1787-1863). Uncle of Alfred Russel Wallace and brother-in-law to Mary Ann Wallace.

6. Wilson, Charles Algernon (1818-1884). Cousin of Alfred Russel Wallace and son of Thomas Wilson.

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