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Record number: WCP1587

Sent by:
H. Tiedeman
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace
13 December 

Sent by H. Tiedeman, 102 Fordwych Road, Hampstead, N.W. to Alfred Russel Wallace [address not recorded] on 13 December .

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23 May 2011 by NHM


re. "Wallace's Line", asking whether ARW views on distribution of species as expressed in the most recent edition of "The Malay Archipelago" have changed.

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LETTER (WCP1587.1366)

A postcard  .

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Natural History Museum
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NHM WP6/5/5(41)
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Copyright of the H. Tiedeman Literary Estate.

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London 13/12/190<4?>

Dear Sir

Having been asked by your namesake the editor of the supplement to the Encl[osed]. Print., to contribute the political articles on the Malay archipelago and Dutch new guinea, I have naturally looked up again your masterwork about these subjects, and gone into the literature, evoked here and abroad by the Wallace theories re[garding]. "division line"2 and the clarification of men and animals and plant life in the Eastern Malay archipelago[. [[2]] Now I would be extremely obliged and put highly honored if you could briefly intimate to me whether your views are still as expressed in the last edition of the Malay archipelago or if they have been modified in any essential particular[.]

Latterly Mr. Wallace "division line" has been much discussed again in Holland,

even in the States, general[l]y, and it has been even seriously argued therein that Dutch New Guinea is not subject to the Regeerinprenelement[?] for Netherlands [illeg.] lying outside our asiatic possessions, according to Wallace, and acquiring a separate legislation!

Believe me | dear sir | with profound respect, your most truly | H. Tiedeman [signature]


1. The top left of the page is annotated in an unidentified hand which reads "Answ[ere]d lend Mss. on Wallaces' line asked for them Sept[ember] 21. 1903. wrote again Ap[ril]. 10./[19]04".

2. The Wallace Line. A faunal boundary line drawn in 1859 by the British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace that separates the ecozones of Asia and Wallacea, a transitional zone between Asia and Australia

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