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Record number: WCP1543

Sent by:
Marianne North
Sent to:
Annie Wallace (née Mitten)
30 December 1889

Sent by Marianne North, Mount House, Alderley, Wotton-under-Edge to Annie Wallace (née Mitten) [address not recorded] on 30 December 1889.

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23 May 2011 by NHM


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LETTER (WCP1543.1322)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

One of forty eight letters collated into an album by William Greenell Wallace [WP1/9/10 - WP1/9/59]. The album consists of "a selection of autograph letters written by people of note on the 19th century" to Alfred Russel Wallace together with some letters to other members of the Wallace family. The arrangement of the letters has been retained as in the album.

Held by:
Natural History Museum
Finding number:
NHM WP1/9/47
Copyright owner:
With permission of the rights holder

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[[1]]1, 2

Midland rail to Charfield.3

Mount House,



30th. Dec[ember]. 1889

Dear Mrs. Wallace5,

Thank you as much for the plants. I have sent them down to be put in the locker[?]. but have no longer any confidence in what becomes of my poor plants. my man has you[?] thoroughly idle & neither works himself nor directs the others. but goes about playing[?] fine[?] gentleman. I was told I ought to send him away at once. but asked my[?] landlord to give him a good talking to. & another chance [[2]] my lip[?] only[?] hangs on from week to week. & it would be a great worry changing now in the depth of winter cruel to turn his wife & children two[sic?]. but I fear many of my best plants will die and have died from want of care.

If he does go I must try to get a steady old [MS illeg.]ishman to take his place. & Mi[illeg.] Owen[?] says if I write to Mr. Lindsay at Edinboro she feels sure he will keep me -- & will write herself also to him. it is so nice to think of seeing you here again & Mr. Wallace & that you both[?] enjoy your new house[.] [[3]] Tell him how much I liked his new book. but in the next edition he must spell[?] my cousins[sic] name Eugo. not Eunis. here is a picture of his mother's garden[sic] in the Chronicle. with perhaps the finest Drarena[?] in England [2 words MS blotted][.] I send a little painting as a new years gift done at Lastein[?] in [18]686. with many good wishes for a happy new year

love yours affectionately | Marianne North [signature]


1. Written at the top of the page in an unidentified hand is "Miss M. North". North, Marianne (24 October 1830 - 30 August 1890). English Victorian biologist and botanical artist.

2. The finding number of the letter "WP 1/9/47" is written in the top left of the page.

3. Diagonal text. Seemingly stamped, presumably after the letter was written.

4. Address printed at the top of the letter

5. Wallace (née Mitten), Annie (1848 - 1914). Wife of Alfred Russel Wallace and daughter of William Mitten, English expert on mosses

6. Presumably the year the picture was painted

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