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Record number: WCP1525

Sent by:
Charles Grant Blairfindie ("Grant") Allen
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace
13 October [?1880]

Sent by Charles Grant Blairfindie ("Grant") Allen, Hastings to Alfred Russel Wallace [address not recorded] on 13 October [?1880].

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23 May 2011 by NHM


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LETTER (WCP1525.1304)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

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Natural History Museum
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NHM WP1/9/25
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the Charles Grant Blairfindie ("Grant") Allen Literary Estate.

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12 Cambridge Road.


Oct[ober]. 13.

Dear Mr. Wallace,

I have to thank you very much for your kind letter à propos of my article on India. It adds one more link to the chain of proof which I have long collected, that all evolutionists, and all the higher minds generally, are always on the side of right and justice against wanton oppression. I am very glad indeed to find that we agree so thoroughly on the matter.

As to your remarks about the wrong actually perpetrated by us in India, I know only too much about that question. For three years I was employed [[2]] by W.W. Hunter1, Director General of Statistics for India, in collating and working with[?] the District Ac. counts and other materials in his possession. Not to put too fine a point whon[?] it, Dr. Hunter is the literary white-washer of the Indian Government. in working with[?] the abundant reports and other documents submitted to me, I had plenty of opportunities for realizing what English rule really meant. On the ruin wrought by our land settlements, especially, I collected a huge number of facts and statistics; and I offered John Morley2 to work them into a paper on "the Indian Cultivator and his Wrongs": but Morley did not care for the subject. The fact is, nobody in England wishes to move in the matter. I sent Knowles3 a paper two years ago about the same subject, dealing especially with the [[3]] Ganges Canal -- a vast blunder, bolstered with[?] by cunningly continued balance-sheets, in which deficits are concealed as fresh investments: but he would not take it. I only got this article into the Contemporary by leaving out India, and looking at the question from a purely English point of view. I'm afraid the fact can't be blinked that most Englishmen don't mind oppression, as long as the oppressed people are only blacks. A starling outrage, like the ? was, wakes them up for a moment: but chronic and [1 word illeg.] standing sores[?], like India or Barbados, do not affect them.

With renewed thanks for your extremely kind letter, and your suggestion about the Slatesman[?] (which I shall certainly look up) I am, | Yours very sincerely,

Grant Allen4 [signature]


1. Hunter, William Wilson (1840-1900). Scottish historian, statistician, a compiler and a member of the Indian Civil Service

2. Morley, John (1838-1923). British Liberal statesman, writer and newspaper editor

3. Unknown

4. Allen, Charles Grant Blairfindie ("Grant") (1848-1899). Canadian science writer and novelist

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