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Record number: WCP1500

Sent by:
General Biology Class at the University of Colorado
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace
January 1912

Sent by General Biology Class at the University of Colorado, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA to Alfred Russel Wallace, [Old Orchard, Broadstone, Wimborne, Dorset] on January 1912.

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23 May 2011 by NHM


Greetings from the students in the General Biology Class at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, on the occasion of Alfred Russel Wallace's 89th birthday. Signed by what appears to be the entire class.

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LETTER (WCP1500.1279)

A greetings card   in English.

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Natural History Museum
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NHM WP1/8/300
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the General Biology Class at the University of Colorado Literary Estate.

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University of Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

James H. Baker, A. M., LL. D


To Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace:2

We, the students in the General Biology Class at the University of Colorado, ardent admirers of your work on Evolution, send you respectful greetings on the occasion of your eighty-ninth birthday, wishing you health and happiness.

Mary Truyal

Maude Beck

Angel Bearis

Ethel Ball

Marion Andrew

Fannie O. Ames

Gladys T.C. Allen

Sarah Dunkles[?]

Laura Albaud

Susie Blakey

Dagmar Stidger

Robert M. Burns

Mary Butler

Leah [illeg.]

Norris M Pritchman

Joseph M. Kellogg

Proctor M. McBlure

A. Willard King[?]

[two words illeg.]

[one word illeg.] Lee

Ernest Allen


Millett Hawshaw

Helen Barney

Helen E. Fenner

Maynard Sheldon

Wesley Sloan

R. W. Basham

Frank [one word illeg.]

Arthur Gjellum

A. W. [one word illeg.]

Vida Helen Merrill

Corinna R. Milbo

Hazel MacDonald

Vera Peterson

Mabel McLean

Rosa K. Niehams

Myrtle Scrorrill

Fannie Hulbert

Edgar Hoagland

Henry Carlisle Stevens

James H. Baker, A. M., LL. D.


Mae M. Everitt3

Maud Erickson

Nellie Graut

[two words illeg.]

Selma M. Giss

Frances Holmburg

Neva L. Duff

R. G. Brunnery

Cipriana Subigano

Agnes Press

Grace Salve

J. Laurs Roberts

Geo K Wunkle

Stella S. Grout

Grace May McNeil

Ruth R Peirano

Ruth L. Scotland

Edna E. Truit

Winifred L. Danielo

John D Bouslog

Harold Macomber

Harold W. Stilson

Paul W. Word

S B Sherill

R. R. Bacon


Robert Phimpton

Edith K. Hopkins

Lucille McNown

Florence Keck

Rexie Ellen Bennett

Jamie W. East

J. Grace Hawron

Marjorie A. Wixon

Gertrude Rennie

Manan B. McLonnell

Mary Moore Dawson

Elizabeth G. Small

Helen Brown

Anna Marie Johnson

Roy O. Hills

Virginia T. Fawdin[?]

Aileen Mouahan

Clara Habermann

Grace Thomas

Hozel Schmool

Alice McClurg

Geo K. Currier

Ruth Aughinbaugh

James H. Baker, A. M., LL. D.


Florence L. Rice

Vida T. Walker

Grace Zorn

Claude Campbell

Myrow C. Heriick

Maguerite M. Heidershot

Mrs. Emma Scott

Mary C. Trunt

Vesta E. Schaedla

Hazel S. Goss

Eva G. Miller

Eva Leah Coolidge

Evelyn E. Knight

Mary H. Hammond

May E. Williams

Bertha C. Hemmingson

Vera S. Flynn

May Ethel Johnson


University of "Colorado" Biology Class Congratulations

Sarah M. Richard

Maguerite Flynn

Estelle M. Kyle

Katharine Gill

Una Nighswander

Xenophon R. Gill

Sophia Ellaberg

Robert D. Waldo

C. S. Blummel

Albert Menig

Paul A. Gouden

Sallie Hollowell

Margaret E. Waldo

Edit C. Harrington

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