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Record number: WCP1462

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Sent by:
Alfred Russel Wallace
Sent to:
Francis P. Pascoe
28 November 1858

Sent by Alfred Russel Wallace, Batchian, Moluccas to Francis P. Pascoe [none given] on 28 November 1858.

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23 May 2011 by NHM


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LETTER (WCP1462.1241)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
Natural History Museum
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NHM WP1/8/262
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ŠA. R. Wallace Literary Estate

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Nov[ember] 28th. 1858

F. P. Pascoe Esq[uire]

My dear Sir

It was with great pleasure I heard from Mr Stevens some time since that you proposed publishing a complete list of my Aru [?] longicorns, & it was with much regret[?] I learnt from a subsequent letter that you had abandoned your intention in consequence of Mr Thompson having [illeg] a fear[?] of the finest [illeg.] in his archives. I really think you sh[ould] have got the start of his as you had [illeg.] have had my private coll[ection] long before he got his sets. However that may be I trust that on the arrival of my Dorey insects you will again take up the matter & by combining the Aru & Dorey coll[ectio]ns with those of the French & Dutch naturalists give us a complete [illeg.] of Longicorns of the New Guinea fauna yet know, - a labour that will [illeg.] to your credit & [[2]] be far more interesting & useful to Entomologists[?] than any quantity of isolated descriptions & figures of even the most magnificent species.

Allow me also to observe (& pray do not take offence at the observation) that you have placed me in the same (or a worse) position as Mr. T has placed you, - by describing only the finer & more interesting new species from my Malacca & [illeg] Longicorns leaving me a mass of minute[?] & obscure species which I shall have the labour of working out & describing myself. This you may imagine is not an agreeable project & I therefore told Mr Stevens to inform you of a rule I had long since made, not to lend any portions of my private coll[ectio]ns except to parties who would work out entire groups from[?] one or more localities. As I look forward to publishing on my return a complete synopsis the the [illeg] of the Archipelago, it is [[3]] necessary for me to obtain as much previous assistance as possible, - besides wh[ich] I object altogether on principle to picking out the more interesting & well marked new sp[ecies] from a collection, for publication. Every one however[?] has a right to his own opinion on this matter & can follow his own course [illeg.] the sp[ecies] in his own collection. All I require is that my finer[?] unique[?] sp[ecies] should either be taken with the entire group to which they belong or left to season[?] my own labours on the unsavoury[?] mass of minute obscurities.

In the Dorey coll[ection] are a good many fine & interesting forms mostly unique or rare. The [one word [illeg.] are very difficult & I think it is impossible to determine them without comparison with the N[ew] Guinea specimens in the Paris & Leyden coll[ectio]ns. [4 words illegible] I found at Dorey. His fig. in Voy.[age] of [one word illegible] is wretched & his locality, Amboyna (as usual) wrong.


F. R. Pascoe Esq[uire]

My small Amboyna coll[ection] contains some lovely things & at Gilolo & this place I am getting lots of new & pretty species.

I remain | My dear Mr Pascoe | Yours sincerely | Alfred R. Wallace [signature]

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