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Record number: WCP1336

Sent by:
William James Beal
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace
26 October 1887

Sent by William James Beal, Michigan Agricultural College, Department of Botany and Forestry, USA to Alfred Russel Wallace, [Nutwood Cottage, Frith Hill, Godalming] on 26 October 1887.

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LETTER (WCP1336.1115)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

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Michigan Agricultural College

Department of Botany and Forestry

Ingham Co., Mich.,

Oct. 26 1887

Dr. Wallace,

D[ea]r. Sir

Today I send you the following plants No. 1 Cypripedium pubescens, No. 2 Cy[pripredium] spectabile, No. 3 Hibiscus moscheutos, No. 4 Silphium laciniatum, No. 5 Silphium perfoliatum. Castilleja is a partially parasitic plant with us and you probably would not succeed with it unless you had sown heaths on which it flourishes.

May send you one more this fall.

Very truly | W. J. Beal2 [signature]


1. At the top of the letter, the words " COLLEGE FACULTY/----/Edwin Willits, M.A., - President./ T.C. Abbot, LL. D., - Prof[essor] of Mental Science./ R.C. Kedzie M.A., M.D., Prof[essor] of Chemistry./A.J. Cook, M.S., - - Prof[essor] of Entomology./W. J. Beal, M.S. Ph. D., - Prof[essor] of Botany./R.C. Carpenter, M. S. C. E., - Prof[essor] of Mathematics./ Sam'l Johnson, M.S., - Prof[essor] of Agriculture./ E. J. MacEwan, M.A., - Prof[essor] of English./ E. A. A. Grange, V.S., - Prof[essor] of Veterinary./J.A. Lockwood, Lt. U.S.A., Prof[essor] of Military Science./L. H. Bailey, Jr., M.S., - Prof[essor] of Horticulture/W. F. Durand. U. S. N. A., - Prof[essor] of Mechanics./

H. G. Reynolds, M.S., Secretary." are printed.

2. Beal, William James (1833-1924). American botanist.

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