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Record number: WCP1326

Sent by:
Edward Bagnall Poulton
Sent to:
Annie Wallace (née Mitten)
25 August 1904

Sent by Edward Bagnall Poulton, Isle of Wight to Annie Wallace (née Mitten), [Old Orchard, Broadstone, Wimborne, Dorset] on 25 August 1904.

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23 May 2011 by NHM


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LETTER (WCP1326.1105)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
Natural History Museum
Finding number:
NHM WP1/4/19
Copyright owner:
©Robin Edward Poulton

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Isle of Wight

Aug[ust] 25th 1904

Dear Mrs. Wallace,

Two days ago at the meeting of the Brit[ish] Ass[ociation] at Cambridge I met Mr. Cockerell1 who told me that you were -- as I imagined would be the case -- very anxious that your husband sh[oul]d accept the generous [[2]] offer of Mr. John Collier2 & he painted I presume for the Linnean society to hand beside the Darwin. I had not been rebuffed by his refusal & was only waiting to see what could be now done. But as I hear that you feel as I * you would I write to you for advice. [[3]] I had talked it over with Professor Meldola3 & he thought that a combined letter signed by many friends would produce the effect. What do you think of this? Or best of all may I leave it in your family? Could you let Mr. Collier stay in your house for the requisite 10 days as if not is there a [[4]] free mean where he would stay? I understand that it would be impossible for Dr. Wallace to go away from home for the purpose: although I imagine it would be easy to borrow a studio in Parktone for the purpose if this would be at all feasible.

With kind regard sincerely | E.B. Poulton[signature]


1. Cockerell, Sydney (1867-1962). English museum curator and collector.

2. Collier, John (1850--1934). English painter.

3. Meldola, Raphael (1849-1915). English chemist and entomologist.

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