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Record number: WCP1288

Sent by:
John Wallace
Sent to:
? Mary Ann Wallace (née Greenell)
1 December 1853

Sent by John Wallace, Columbia, Tuolumne County, California, USA to ?Mary Ann Wallace (née Greenell) [none given] on 1 December 1853.

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23 May 2011 by NHM
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One of a set of excerpts of letters providing in-depth descriptions John Wallace's life in the gold mining town of Columbia, California, building a system to bring water to gold mining operations in the town.

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LETTER (WCP1288.1067)

A transcription typewritten  in English.

Typescript copy c. 1948, incomplete

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Natural History Museum
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17. Letter from Columbia October 12th, December 1st 1853 [1 word crossed out illeg.]

I am glad to to[sic] hear from Thomas and Fanny have plenty of work, It is always better to have too much than too little. of that kind of work I fond[sic] that nothing is to be obtained in California without work, and in my situation where I have so much to superintend and look after, I have very little leisure. If anything goes wrong it is sure to be talked about, and if I am at all to blame there is no chance for escape, so that I am obliged to keep myself wide awake. [1 word crossed out illeg.]

The rainy season is now just commencing and is the worst and most laborious time I have, as I am obliged to be out at all hours and in all sorts of storms, and it is by these deluging showers and high winds that most of our accidents happen, and like the captain of a ship, I am the first one to be these and the last last[sic] one to leave till the accident is repaired or the obstruction removed. But this is the season that we all have been wishing for the last three months, as the rainy season has been cery[sic] late and we have had very little water in our ditches and flumes since September. We will have abundance probably more than [[2]] we want, and it will continue to last till September next year.

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