Mbaracayú project

The database is the result of an inventory of the Mbaracayú Reserve in eastern Paraguay.

You can search the database in three ways:

  • taxonomically, accessing all records
  • geographically, by Paraguayan department, accessing all records
  • by region of the Mbaracayú Reserve, accessing only those collections made in the Reserve.

At the level of individual specimen records there is a link to Tropicos, the Missouri Botanical Garden's web-based specimen database, where more nomenclatural information and records of additional specimens can be obtained.

Project staff

Sandy Knapp
Dr Sandra Knapp

Merit researcher in botany, focussing on the taxonomy of the nightshade family Solanaceae.

Maria Pena Chocarro
Miss Maria Peña Chocarro

Research assistant in botany, working on the Flora Mesoamericana.

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