Linnaeus Link

Crest of the Linnean Society of London

Support for the Linnaeus Link Project has been given by contributions from Project partners through the work done by their existing staff members.

The Project Co-ordinator is the Natural History Museum’s Head of Cataloguing, who ensures the quality of the catalogue records. Technical support is provided by the NHM’s Electronic Services Librarian. These staff members all devote 5% of their time to the project. It is anticipated that this will continue from 2004 to the end of 2006. At the same time, post-1831 records are being catalogued by another staff member, who gives 10% of her time to this work.

The Project is indebted to the Linnean Society of London for generous grant support including funding the salary of the Project Officer, for three years from January 2004, with the NHM providing accommodation and facilities. The Linnean Society funding also includes the salary of the Database Officer, who is responsible for determining the technical architecture most appropriate to the Project’s future development.

The Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation contributes to the Project through the large-scale survey which is being conducted by its Librarian, to identify and gather statistics on significant Linnaean collections world-wide.

At a later stage the consortium may seek additional funding to support further enhancements of the Linnaeus Link service. January 2005.

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