The John Clayton Herbarium

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Clayton Number: 632 Click to view full-size image, 120-150kb
Collection Location: Virginia, USA
Specimen Found at BM: y
BM Barcode: BM000051705
Flora Virginica Phrasename on sheet: Diospyros floribus hermaphroditis.
Flora Virginica Ref: 1: 156
Det. 1:
Det. by:
Det. 2:
Det. by:
Duplicate at LINN:
Linnaean Reference: Species Plantarum 2: 1057 (1753)
Linnaean Name: Diospyros virginiana
Linnaean Type Status: Original Element
Linnaean Plant Name Typification Project No: 314300
Current Family: Ebenaceae
Current Name: Diospyros virginiana L.
Current Subspecies:
Current Variety: