Using the database

Things to note when using the database.

No image

Where a Clayton number is indicated but no specimen image is provided, this means that it was cited by Gronovius in the Flora Virginica account but has not been traced among the collections.

No Flora Virginica polynomial
  • The absence of a Flora Virginica polynomial from the database does not necessarily mean that no polynomial is written on the sheet. Due to time limitations, it has not been possible to add all polynomials which appear on the sheets. Maintenance of the database is ongoing and the information will be added. 
  • In addition, some polynomials that do appear in the database are those of Linnaeus or other authors, rather than of Gronovius. Consequently, searching on this field may lead to unpredictable results.
Determinavit slips
  • Not all of the sheets carry determinavit slips. Where the database indicates the identity of the specimen but no authority for the identification, the name is that under which the specimen was found in the general collection. This is for guidance only, and no attempt has been made to verify such identifications 
  • For some determinations no relevant authority for the binomial has been traced, but these are included, especially where no other annotation is present on the sheet.
Dual Clayton numbers
  • Some specimens carry dual Clayton numbers and for these a duplicate database entry can be found for each. 
  • Similarly, where the cited Clayton number in Flora Virginica does not match that found on the sheet, dual entries have been entered into the database.
Current names
  • Where a current name is listed for a particular specimen, this reflects the current name for the Linnaean binomial only. 
  • However, unless the corresponding Clayton specimen has been designated as the lectotype, it should not be assumed that this is also the taxonomic identity of the Clayton sheet. 
  • Information on previous determinations has been included in the database as an aid both to ascertaining the possible identity of the specimens and to locating particular specimens within the database. 
  • This should aid the searching process, especially for Clayton specimens which have no link to a Linnaean binomial.

For some specimens, no relevant reference in Gronovius's Flora Virginica has been traced. In these cases either the phrase name on the sheet cannot be traced or the sheet bears no such phrase name.

In many cases, determinavit slips indicate specimens may be original material or types for Linnaean names. However, in all cases the database should be referred to for confirmation of this and relevant remarks may be found in the Comments field.