About the database and images

Clayton's specimens were originally incorporated within the main collections. In 1990 James Reveal and Norlyn Bodkin searched for, and extracted, all of the Clayton specimens that they could trace.

As historically important collections, they are not normally available for loan. However, the interest in them has encouraged us to make images of them available as a pilot project for herbarium specimens from the Museum's collections.

Gathering the specimens together made the task of adding barcodes and preparing digital images of each sheet easier.


Using a large-format camera with a digital scanner attachment, the images were fed directly into a computer. Scanning of the 710 sheets in this way took about 150 hours.

In some cases two or three views of one specimen were amalgamated to show otherwise obscured parts. Apart from these cases, however, all sheets were taken in their entirety and with no image adjustments.


The database of information that accompanies the Clayton images has been compiled by the Linnaean Plant Name Typification Project.

We are aware of a number of inconsistencies and omissions concerning the database. However, we are continuing to check the data, and hope that the accompanying data will still prove helpful in locating specimens.

How to use the Clayton Herbarium database