Collecting the fruit

Both beetles and moths have been found, at least as larvae, in all stages of the flowering and fruit process.

Collecting the fruits at these different stages involves some difficult procedures, including:  

  • Climbing the tree and cutting branches bearing fruit, or using ropes to shake fruit off.
  • Collecting falling fruit using fruit traps set under the trees, keeping fruit from different trees separate wherever possible.
  • Keeping the fruit sealed in bags to prevent insects escaping before examination.
  • Alcidodes hoplomachus Lyal on Dipterocarpus fruit
    Rearing larvae

    To better identify the insect predators, fruit may be stored to allow the insects inside to reach maturity.

  • Lepidoptera pupa in Dipterocarpus obtusifolius
    Sampling fruit for infestation

    Fruit must be sampled at random to determine if insect damage is present. This is done by cutting into the bud or fruit to see inside.