Working in the molecular laboratory

Working in the molecular laboratory?

In order to start working in the molecular laboratories you need to read and sign the Guidelines for your area:

Molecular laboratory guidelines

Ancient DNA laboratory guidelines

Planning on working in the molecular laboratory?

You can help us by doing the following:
  • give advance notice of all lab visitors
  • give advanced confirmation of an externally funded project and budget
  • set sensible and realistic research output requirements
  • provide funding for external visitors and students
  • timely discussion in advance of grant applications
  • confirmed start and finish project dates
  • Molecular biology laboratories

    Laboratory protocols commonly used in the molecular laboratories, from making up solutions to DNA sequencing.

  • Molecular biology laboratories

More questions ?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check FAQs or contact the LMT. Something you’d like to see here? Contact Andie Hall

Would your research benefit from a stint in the molecular laboratories ?

Are you a researcher with a molecular project you think would benefit from being carried out in the Museum's molecular laboratories? 

For more information please contact 

Stephen Russell 

Senior Laboratory Manager

Tel: +44 202 942 5390


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