Basic lab equipment is available in all lab areas. Click on the links below to see our specialist equipment or to view an instruction manual (only available for some models).

 Paper copies of manuals can be found in the relevant LMT office, or alongside the equipment.

All equipment procurement and service and maintenance agreements are managed by Ranbir Bailey. 

Staff with approval and a budget to buy new equipment should notify Ranbir as far in advance as possible. If you don’t have a budget but think the lab would benefit from some new equipment, let the LMT know.

To ensure that the Museum is legally compliant with Public Procurement rules (and EU Law), procurement and service/maintenance agreements are MANDATORY unless approved by the Procurement Manager ; even when using Government Procurement Cards.

NB laboratory equipment includes all white goods such as fridges, freezers and microwaves etc. (white goods required for domestic use are to be requested through Estates).

Is there any equipment you think the lab should have? Are you thinking of purchasing lab equipment for your team?

Please contact Ranbir Bailey 

(0)20 7942 6889

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