Molecular laboratories

The molecular laboratories provide an unsurpassed working environment for both new and established researchers. Staffed by specialists in molecular biology, we carry out interdisciplinary research for all Museum departments.

Who is working in the Museum's molecular laboratories ?

The molecular laboratories  are used by scientists worldwide dedicated to researching the molecular life sciences. The labs have a lively international community, fostering the exchange of ideas and technical innovation.

What are they doing ?

Over 25 research leaders aim to understand biological relationships at the molecular level, working in diverse fields such as developmental biology, ecology, molecular evolution, systematics and infectious disease.

How can we help you? 

The laboratories are also a centre for learning, graduate training and consultation.

The molecular laboratories consist of four units; biomedical parasitology, molecular systematics, the Ancient DNA lab and the Museum’s DNA sequencing facility.

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  • Molecular biology laboratories
    Working in the molecular laboratory

    If you are working in the Museum's molecular laboratories, this is the place to find out more about protocols, process documents and all the rules and regulations.

  • Molecular biology laboratories
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  • Working in the Molecular laboratories

    Over 25 research leaders currently use the molecular laboratory facilities, assisted by the lab's team of specialists. Here you'll find selected publications from the molecular laboratory team.

  • Molecular biology laboratories
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    Who we are and what we do. Find out more about the molecular laboratory team.

  • Molecular biology laboratories

    To help you find the information you need the molecular laboratory team have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

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