Meet the collectors

The Museum Library maintains some fantastic historic collections, including specimens, drawings and associated manuscripts from James Cook’s voyages.

  • Sir Hans Sloane's milk chocolate
    Hans Sloane

    The great collector's exquisite cabinet of curiosity includes a 50,000-volume library.

  • Scorpaena porcus illustration
    Joseph Banks

    The Library holds artworks and documents from collectors on board James Cook's voyages.

  • Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild (1868-1937)
    The Tring benefactor

    Sir Walter Rothschild's vast natural history collection is preserved at the Museum at Tring.

  • Lower chalk fossils described by William Smith
    William Smith

    The canal builder's major breakthrough in geological science is represented in our collections.

  • The Malay Archipelago by Alfred Russel Wallace
    Alfred Russel wallace

    Two brilliant scientists, a ground-breaking theory, and a publication that would change the face of natural history.

  • Dorothea Bate portrait
    Dorothea Bate

    A passionate and resourceful naturalist, remembered today as the ‘mother’ of archaeozoology.