Acquisitions, bequests and donations

The Library appreciates offers of donation and bequests of relevant books, manuscripts and artwork to its collection.

Considering bequeathing material?

Please contact the Library if you are considering bequeathing material to our collection. We must consider your offer first and cannot accept gifts automatically.

Please do not send or bring material to the Museum without an appointment.

What to expect

Collection management staff will carefully consider any material that is offered. We are only able to accept material that enhances the existing collections, and must consider the availability of suitable storage space and any conservation requirements.

When an item or collection of material is accepted, a formal process must be completed to change its ownership. You are asked to complete a Transfer of Title form to show that the material was legally acquired.

Contact the Library

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Email the Library and Archives

Arrange a visit or request information about Library and Archives materials.

Or call us on +44 (0)20 7942 5460.