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    Drawings, photographs and documents tracing the work of Alfred Waterhouse and Richard Owen in planning and building the Natural History Museum.
Terracotta balustrade at the Museum.

Terracotta balustrade at the Museum. Photo by David A. Smith, 2012.

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Museum staff posing for a photograph at the New Year's Day dance in 1927.

New Year's Day dance at the Museum in 1927.

Museum telephonist, 1933.
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Chimpanzee skeleton, 1907.
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Museum Through a Lens
Museum Through a Lens

A collection of stunning black and white photographs from the Museum Archives.

Dippy: the Tale of a Museum Icon
Dippy: the Tale of a Museum Icon

Meet Dippy, one of the Museum's most famous dinosaur models.

The Natural History Museum at South Kensington, by William T Stearn
The Natural History Museum at South Kensington

The fascinating story of one of Britain's best loved museums.

John Reeves illustration
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