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Meet the people who made our Museum possible, from the first Superintendent in 1881 to the effects of a major departmental restructure in 2012. 

The Museum Archives contains lists of all staff officially employed by the Museum, as well as some information on those unofficially working for the Museum as freelancers and contractors. There are also many images of staff in the photo collection. 

Directors and senior scientific staff list 1881-present PDF (159.7 KB)

To find out what it was like to be a recent member of staff, the Museum Lives oral history and other projects have collected recordings and transcripts of past and present staff recounting stories of their lives and careers (DF620/1 and DF5012/15). 

Museum Lives project

Portrait of Dorothea Bate
Dorothea Bate

Learn about a pioneering female palaeontologist who discovered hundreds of fossil mammals at a time when few women were involved in science.

Richard Owen
Richard Owen

Richard Owen gave the dinosaurs their name and brought us the Natural History Museum. Although celebrated for his scientific achievements, he's also remembered as a controversial figure.

Museum telephonist, 1933.
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Chimpanzee skeleton, 1907.
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