Recent contracts

  • Assessment of coral reef damage, Red Sea

    Our team of diving marine biologists surveyed the area of reef damaged by the groundings of container vessels and tankers. An estimate was made of the likely recovery time to the reef's previous condition and of the resultant loss in tourist income. All cases involved representation in court and led to financial savings for the ship owners.

  • Forensic entomology

    Identification of blowfly larvae on bodies of an adult and an infant in Bradford. In both cases the minimum time since death was established by ageing the larvae specimens with reference to size and predicted ambient temperatures.

  • Assessment of marine fouling provenance

    Expert assessment, including representation in court, of the occurrence of severe barnacle fouling on a ship's hull, which resulted in a significant reduction in the ship's speed, and thus a dispute over charter fees. Our assessment allowed successful resolution of the dispute.

  • Evidence at public enquiry

    Natural History Museum staff presented evidence at the enquiry over an application for gravel extraction at a site close to an ancient woodland. The scientific importance of the flora in the national context and its vulnerability to change were presented. The site was subsequently awarded National Nature Reserve status and is now a candidate Special Area of Conservation.

  • Expert forensic identification

    On behalf of Humberside Police, Museum staff identified cranefly larvae, said by the perpetrator in a fraud case to be examples of woodworm from allegedly poor-quality furniture but that proved to be sound.

  • Environmental damage assessment

    Interpretation of the degree and extent of pollution incidents for Newton hearings, including attendance at the tribunal, enabling reduction in damages assessed.

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