Recent projects

  • Training of Indonesian Collections Managers
    A tailored course using the Natural History Museum collections to provide training in curation and collections management techniques.
    Global Environment Facility
  • Capacity development in Costa Rica
    National institution building through the development of training programmes for parataxonomists and curatorial staff.
    INBio/British Council
  • MSc in Advanced Methods in Taxonomy and Biodiversity
    A joint course with Imperial London, that includes a collections management module.
  • Insect pests in museums
    A two-day training course aimed at museum professionals from curators to cleaning supervisors.
  • Beijing Natural History Museum
    Consultation on modern exhibition design and display techniques.
    Beijing Natural History Museum
  • Pakistan Museum of Natural History
    Advice on planning a new facility, setting policy, establishing a research collection, educational services and creating new exhibitions.
    Pakistan Science Foundation/British Council
  • Advice and training on information Development from scientific collections in Brazil
    A review of the National Institute for Amazonian Research (INPA) and provision of recommendations to foster the use of collections as a resource tool in research and measures to improve information transfer and use.
    Department for International Development
  • Quality assured checklist of species status
    Production of databased information on listed species in Europe.
    English Nature/JNCCj
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