Recent projects

  • British cetacean strandings
    All strandings of cetaceans around the UK are reported to the Museum and entered into a National Strandings database. Trends in strandings of species are analysed and results correlated with live sightings data.
    UK Department of the Environment, Transport and Regions
  • North Morecambe Bay gas pipeline
    The construction of a new gas pipeline across a wetland area of international scientific importance was assessed in relation to damage to saltmarsh, disruption to invertebrate communities, and disturbance of bird populations. Recovery of the biota is now being monitored annually.
    Centrica Hydrocarbon Resources ltd
  • Marine macrobenthos monitoring Norfolk
    Four intertidal sites were monitored annually for the flora and fauna. This project spanned the period before and after construction of the new long sea sewage outfall. Subtidal sites were established using SCUBA diving techniques in the path of the sewage plume. These sites were also monitored annually for changes in the macrobenthos.
    Anglian Water Services
  • Marine biotopes of The Emirate of Abu Dhabi
    Extensive development of the coastline and offshore islands is presently taking place and the effects that this is having on the marine flora and fauna will be investigated during the course of the five year study.
    Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations
  • Assessment of coral reef damage, South Sinai, Egypt
    A team of marine biologists used SCUBA diving techniques to survey the area of reef physically damaged by the impact of a bulk ore carrier, and the indirect damage to the nearby shoreline by bunker oil leaking from the wreck. An estimate was made of the time it would take for the reef to recover to its previous condition and of the resultant loss of tourist income. 
    Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association
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