Conservation Centre staff

Our highly-skilled staff provide primary care for specimens across the Museum's science departments.

Lorraine Cornish

Lorraine Cornish is Head of Conservation at the Natural History Museum. She advises the Museum on the preservation of collections and manages the Conservation Centre.

Gill Comerford
Ms Gill Comerford

Museum Conservator Gill Comerford coordinates the preventative conservation of collections, with an aim to preserve our specimens in a sustainable manner.


Arianna Bernucci
Mrs Arianna Bernucci

Conservator Arianna Bernucci is interested in the use of historic repair techniques in Museum conservation.


A fossil being laser cleaned
Mrs Lu Allington-Jones

Lu's role as Museum Conservator/Preparator includes remedial and preventive conservation, replication, fossil preparation and management of students and volunteers. 


Efstratia Verveniotou conserving the tail of a fossil fish
Mrs Efstratia Verveniotou

Efstratia's role includes the conservation and replication of anthropology and vertebrate collections. She also undertakes regular conservation surveys and material testing, and supports volunteer teams in the Conservation Centre.



Mark Graham, Preparator.
Mr Mark Graham

Mark Graham is a Preparator in the Conservation Centre.


Chelsea McKibbin
Miss Chelsea McKibbin

Chelsea McKibbin is a Conservator at the Natural History Museum, London.

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