Collaborative doctoral awards

CAHR is one partner in a consortium of institutions supervising postgraduate theses that focus on the collections of Sir Hans Sloane.

These studentships focus on the collections of Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753), which are now divided between the British Museum, the Natural History Museum and the British Library. 

The research projects explore various aspects of Sloane’s collections, seeking to understand how his collecting practices were involved in the making of Enlightenment knowledge. 

Our three doctoral students are working closely with partner institutions and each other, in order to draw out the intellectual and material connections between different parts of Sloane’s collections. They will also participate in the development of new finding aids for the collections, leading to innovative forms of public engagement.


Putting Nature in a Box: Sloane’s Vegetable Substances is supervised by Dr Charlie Jarvis, Natural History Museum, and Professor Miles Ogborn, Queen Mary University of London.

Collecting and Correspondence: Sloane’s Papers and Scientific Networks is supervised by Dr Arnold Hunt, British Library and Dr Anne Goldgar, King’s College London.

Visualizing Natural Knowledge: Sloane’s Albums of Natural History Drawings is supervised by Dr Kim Sloan, British Museum, and Dr Elizabeth Eger, King’s College London.