Robin Cocks

Starting at the Museum: Overall impressions

Hear Robin explain how the variety of staff and specimens shape working at the Museum.

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Robin Cocks

The diversity of both the Museum's collections and its staff has, to Robin, been one of the most enjoyable aspects of his working life. He describes his research on the brachiopods collection as a 'jigsaw puzzle' with a third of the pieces missing, and emphasises the satisfaction in curating specimens that he has himself collected.

Since his retirement in 1998, Robin continues to work in the Palaeontology Department, not only because of his passion for the collections but also to witness the various changes in Museum displays and how visitors can enjoy the millions of specimens exhibited.

Robin joined the Department of Palaeontology in 1965. His research interests were principally in Lower Palaeozoic stratigraphy and continental positions, palaeo-ecology, and engineering geology. He rapidly progressed through the ranks to the position of Keeper in 1986.