Judith Marshall

Childhood: Wanting to become a life scientist

Hear Judith explain why she wanted to be a life scientist.

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Judith Marshall

Cockroaches and stick insects with binomials ending in Marshallae are named in recognition of Judith's important scientific work. This is a practice employed by scientists, who will often name species in honour of their collector or researcher.

Judith has collected many specimens for the Museum's Entomology Department and highlights the importance of preserving specimens ethically, a matter of principle that she believes becomes all the more poignant the more one works on a particular species.

Since her retirement in 2003, Judith has continued to work on the entomology collections, as retirement is seen by many Museum scientists as an opportunity to work extensively on the collections.

Judith joined the Museum in 1964 in the Entomology Department as Assistant Experimental Officer. She retired as Curator of Entomology.