Brian Rosen

Exhibitions: Hall of Human Biology

Find out about Brian's work on developing a new exhibition at the Museum.

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Brian Rosen

Collecting rocks on holiday as a young boy provided Brian's first taster for what would become a lifelong passion for geology and palaeontology. Brian's Museum work has included a range of tasks, including designing the eye-catching Hall of Human Biology. In his descriptions of changing attitudes to Museum exhibitions, Brian still has a fondness for the dioramas he saw at the Museum as a child. Importantly, working at the Museum gave Brian the opportunity to pursue research in subjects that particularly excited him: the ecology of reefs and patterns of ecological zonation. The nature of his work has resulted in many field tips to exotic locations such as Sudan, Egypt and Guam.

Since his retirement, Brian has continued his research on corals and reefs and in studying Darwin's collections in the Museum.