Oliver Crimmen

Collections and Specimens: Football fish

Listen to Ollie Crimmen talk about one of his favourite specimens in the collection, the football fish.

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Oliver Crimmen

Preserving shark specimens was a routine part of Ollie's first job at the Museum, so collaborating with Damien Hirst on preserving the artist's iconic tiger shark artwork gave him an entirely new perspective on his own work, revealing novel methods for preserving specimens for display. Ollie's knowledge of display is put to use in numerous exhibitions.

Ollie has also collaborated with Speedo on a hydrodynamic swimsuit, using sharkskin to reduce drag while in the water. The project brought together expertise from the scientific, artistic and commercial world.

Ollie Crimmen joined the Museum in 1973 aged 19. He is responsible for preserving of one of the most important fish collections in the world.