Mission and objectives

CAHR establishes interdisciplinary research projects that cross boundaries between the sciences, arts and humanities.

The broad scope of the Museum collections lends itself to analyses extending beyond the borders of science. 

CAHR manages a range of interdisciplinary projects that facilitate interdisciplinary research on the Museum’s collections of specimens, as well as material in its Library and Archives Department. 

We work with colleagues across the Life and Earth Science Departments and researchers in the arts and humanities disciplines, to adopt new perspectives on our collections.

Our interdisciplinary partnerships with major universities, research institutes and museums worldwide include:

  • large-scale projects
  • exhibitions
  • conferences
  • workshops         
  • seminars
  • digital learning aids
  • fellowships
  • archive development

Our aim is for many of our activities to be cross-institutional, accessible to the public and have a global perspective that directly responds to contemporary, worldwide concerns.

Through collaborations in, and contributions to, both burgeoning and longstanding fields in the arts and humanities, CAHR will generate new knowledge and understanding of natural history collections that will have a positive impact on the future of interdisciplinary research.