Providing samples for analysis using the Cameca SX100

What can be analysed?

Materials should be:

  • dry
  • stable under a vacuum
  • capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 80°C

Unsuitable samples include:

  • wet materials
  • those with high vapour pressures
  • gels
  • organic materials
  • materials that decompose at low temperatures

Sample preparation

Samples need to be:

  • polished - either as circular blocks or thin sections
  • carbon coated

Samples to be prepared (cut, mounted and polished) should be presented to the Preparation Laboratory at least 4 weeks prior to the Cameca SX100 booking.

Sample sizes that can be accommodated

Polished blocks
  • 25mm diameter (maximum of 6)
  • 30mm diameter (1 position only)
  • 32mm diameter (1 position only)
  • 40mm diameter (2 positions only)
Polished thin sections
  • 48mm x 26mm (up to 4 sections)
  • 48mm x up to 80mm
  • 25mm diameter

Contact details

For further information or to arrange to use the instrument contact:

John Spratt
Tel: +44 (0)20 7942 5522
Fax: +44 (0)20 7942 5811