Examples of Cameca SX100 applications

Backscattered electron image and three X-ray maps of a titanite grain, showing element distribution

X-Ray mapping

In addition to point analysis, the Cameca SX100 can be used to obtain X-ray maps that show the spatial distribution of elements in selected areas of the sample surface.

This example shows an artificially coloured backscattered electron (BSE) image and three X-ray maps showing the distribution of tin (Sn), niobium (Nb), and scandium (Sc) in a small grain of tin- and scandium-bearing titanite in a sample of rhyolite from north Wales. The grain displays sector zoning. Scale bar = 100┬Ám.

True colour cathodoluminescence image of a carbonatite

True-colour cathodoluminescence

By using a very large aperture and defocused beam at high current the image obtained on the CCD optical camera can be displayed and recorded as a true-colour cathodoluminescence image.

The example shown here is of fluorite (blue-violet) associated with calcite (yellow-orange) in a carbonatite from India.

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