Zeiss EVO 15LS SEM


  • Energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) detector
    Capable of recognising the presence of most elements except hydrogen, helium, lithium and beryllium. Boron is difficult to find unless very abundant.
  • Wavelength dispersive X-ray (WDX) detector
    Used to create spectrum scans when the EDX detector cannot separate signals from different chemical elements, or if they are present in very low concentrations.
  • Cathodoluminescence detector
    Can create images from light emitted by the sample. including red-green-blue colour images.

Key instrument features

  • A very versatile analytical scanning electron microscope, fitted with diverse detectors.
  • Used for a very wide range of applications, particularly for the initial examination of samples.
  • Easy to use, even for novices. With the user-friendly interface, as little as half a day of training is needed for confidence in most of the common applications.

Find out about EDX analysis

Contact details

For further information or to arrange to use the instrument contact:

Mr Anton Kearsley
+44 (0)20 7942 5105

Backscattered electron image of a polished meteorite specimen
Examples of Zeiss EVO 15LS SEM applications

Discover real-life examples of how the Zeiss EVO 15LS SEM microscope can be used – from fine surface detail images of specimens, to digital elevation models, to elemental maps and mineral identification.

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