The full programme of presentations, speakers and panel discussions for ToScA 2014 has now been confirmed.

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A few of the invited speakers are listed below:

Invited speakers

Prof Phil Withers                   University of Manchester
Prof. Sacha Mooney             University of Nottingham
Prof Marco Stampanoni      Swiss light source
Dr Ajay Limaye                      Vizlab, Australian National University   
Michael Drakopoulos          Diamond light source
Dr Graham Davis                 Queen Mary College University of London
Dr Philipp Schneider           University of Southampton
Dr Russell Garwood           University of Manchester
Dr Mark Sutton                      Imperial College London
Dr Christina Duffy                 British Library
Dr Manuel Dierick                 UGCT University of Ghent
Dr Richard Johnston            University of Swansea
Prof Sarah Hainsworth        University of Leicester
Mr Fabien Arnaud                 FEI
Dr Rajmund Mokso              Paul Scherrer Institut SLS
Dr Manuchehr Soleimani     University of Bath
Dr Zerina Johanson             The Natural History Museum
Dr Brian Metscher                 University of Vienna
Erica Seccombe                   Australian National University
Dr Jim Swoger                      Centre for Genomic Regulation
Dr Andrew Ramsey              Nikon Metrology
Patricia Wills                          MNHN
Dr Andrew Kingston             Australian National University
Frederik Coppens                 Bruker

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