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Confirmed speakers

Dr Ajay Limaye                 Vizlab, Australian National University    
Prof Phil Withers             University of Manchester
Prof Stuart Stock              Northwestern University
Prof Tim Senden             Australian National University
Dr Graham Davis            Queen Mary College University of London
Dr Brian Metscher           University of Vienna
Dr Caroline Smith           Natural History Museum, London
Dr Daniel Antoine            British Museum
David Hughes                  Interactive Institute, Sweden
Dr Gordon Paterson       Natural History Museum, London
Dr Lore Troalen               National Museums Scotland
Dr Matt Friedman            University of Oxford
Dr Mike Doube                 Royal Veterinary College, London
Dr Richie Abel                  Imperial College London
Dr Russell Garwood      University of Manchester & Research Complex at Harwell
Prof Tiina Roose             University of Southampton
Dr Craig Sturrock            University of Nottingham
Dr Nicholas Brereton     Imperial College London
Dr Inti Pedroso                King’s College London
JP Brown                          The Field Museum, Chicago
John Spratt                       Natural History Museum, London

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